About Casey Multi-Faith Network

Since its inception in 2006, the Casey Multi-Faith Network has been working to promote positive relations between people of different faiths.

The Network has also been working on removing misconceptions and breaking down barriers to create peace, harmony and understanding between people of different faiths and the wider community.

The Network supports the right of individuals to practice and promote their personal beliefs but encourages them to come together to focus on what unites them whilst also acknowledging their differences.

The Network is a voice of people of faith in face of fear, ignorance and intolerance, who wish to work together to attain common objectives such as peace, unity, friendship and benevolence. 


Our Vision:

Casey Multi-Faith Network is comprised of individuals from diverse religious and faith backgrounds who share a common vision of practicing their faith with integrity, whilst living in harmony with one another and the broader community, and promoting social cohesion in the City of Casey.


Our Mission:

  • We believe in the dignity of all humanity. Therefore, we respect and honour the rights of others to practice, promote and celebrate their faith with integrity.
  • We believe that relationships between people of different faiths must be grounded in respect and understanding.
  • We believe in focusing on common ground whilst also acknowledging the uniqueness of each faith tradition.
  • We will model responsible citizenship, respect and friendship and work together to promote social cohesion within our community.


Our Activities:

  • Tours to Places of Worship: The Network organizes bus tours to places of worship.
  • Multi-Faith Statement Roster: Members have the opportunity to read the Multifaith Statement at Council meetings.
  • Voices of Faith Radio Program: Broadcast weekly on 3SER 97.7 FM, ‘Voices of Faith’ is presented by different faith groups.
  • Network Meetings: General meetings are open to the public, where guest speakers discuss a variety of topics.
  • Events: The Network runs a number of multifaith events each year such as: domestic violence forum, multifaith concert, multifaith art-exhibition etc.


casey-plaqueThe Casey Multi-Faith Network plaque is proudly displayed at:
The Wall of Global Friendship at Balla Balla Centre, Cranbourne